Why MockupUI


  • Create interactive UI demos

  • Design user interfaces

  • Formulate clear requirements

  • Illustrate use case scenarios

  • Elaborate design specifications

  • Validate UI design concepts

  • Visualize requirement changes


  • Shorter idea to prototype path

  • Convince stakeholders and clients

  • Reduce software design costs

  • Ensure designs achieve requirements

  • Better estimate development efforts

  • Speed-up the software design process

  • No programming skills needed


  • Wireframe or native look in one click

  • Standard and graphic UI widgets

  • Quickly fill widgets with data

  • Add design descriptions and notes

  • Integrate mockups into your documents

  • Generate full design specifications

  • Create clickable prototypes

Getting your first mockup in 5 minutes

Create designs

  • Download and install MockupUI

  • Create new application window or dialog screens

Add widgets

Insert widgets

  • Insert UI widgets ranging from basic buttons and labels to tables and trees

  • Add images, graphic text, cliparts and shapes to your designs

Add content to widgets

Add content

  • Fill lists, tables and trees with CSV data

  • Add descriptions and notes to each design

Switch between wireframe and native styles

Select a visual style

  • Select wireframe or native look for lo or hi-fi prototyping

  • Change the appearance of widgets in one click

Integrate mockups

Export designs

  • Copy to clipboard and paste the design to your specification document (Word, PowerPoint, ...)

  • Export designs to image files in PNG, JPG, PPM, TIFF or BMP format

  • Genrate clickable interactive HTML document

Generate specification documents

Generate specification

  • Compile mockups and annotations into ready-to-print Word, PDF and HTML documents in one click

  • Preview and print documents directly from MockupUI

Who uses MockupUI

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