Frequently asked questions

General Questions

Can I try MockupUI before I buy?

Yes, the trial version of MockupUI is available for download here. It is a fully working package with all the features enabled allowing you to test the available sample projects or create your own. Projects saved with the trial version are compatible with the registered version.

The trial version will add a watermark on the generated images.

What are the system requirements for MockupUI?

To get up and running with MockupUI, you'll need:

How to install MockupUI?

Obtain a copy of MockupUI. The latest versions of MockupUI can be downloaded from Download the package that matches your platform and execute the downloaded exe file. This will launch the installer and show you a welcome screen. Click Next. Each of the screens used in the installation process are described.

Sales Questions

How to buy a license for MockupUI

If you wish to continue using a MockupUI product you need to buy a license.

  1. Download a trial version of the product from the Download page and give it a try (note that the trial version will add a watermark on the generated images).

  2. When you're ready to buy a license, go to the Buy page.

  3. Choose the license type that suits your needs an click on the corresponding Buy Now button. A single user license allows you to activate the product on two computers.

  4. Enter your billing information and click the Pay button. Make sure your email address is correct before submitting this form. This address will be used to send you the product's serial number.

  5. You will be transferred to PayPal for the final checkout where you will be able to choose from paying with a credit card or use your PayPal account.

  6. Once you have paid you will receive both a receipt and a serial number by email.

I already have a serial number

If you have already received a serial number follow the instructions in the How to activate your copy of MockupUI section.

I didn't receive the email with my serial number, what do I do?

If you did not receive your MockupUI serial number after purchase please contact us and send us a copy of your receipt.

Licensing Questions

What are the available licenses for MockupUI?

Our software licensing is designed to fit your project and budget. All licenses allow a user to activate MockupUI on a maximum of two computers without restriction as long as he or she is the only person using it.

When I buy a license, what am I paying, is it a one time payment or there are charges for yearly renewal?

It is a one time payment for a perpetual license of MockupUI which allows you to use the licensed software indefinitely. There is no annual renewal. The perpetual license also entitles you to download updates to the software and to receive technical support during one year. When the one year period ends, you can choose to remain with the last version downloaded or to upgrade to a more recent release, in which case you will have to purchase an upgrade license.

Activation Questions

How to activate your copy of MockupUI

Start MockupUI and select Help > Activate MockupUI from the menu. This will bring up a screen where you can register your copy of MockupUI.

Instant registration (via internet)

Enter your MockupUI product's serial number in the text field. Your MockupUI Serial Number should be in the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

After you entered your serial number click Activate Now to activate your copy. A confirmation message will tell you if the activation succeeded or not. If automatic activation could not be completed for some reason, you can manually activate the software using a web browser.

Manual registration (no internet)

The manual activation screen will guide you through the activation process. Select the appropriate activation option from the list below and click Next.

I have web access on this computer

Manual registration with internet

I don't have web access on this computer

Manual registration without internet

I already have an Activation Key

If you already have an activation key and would like to activate your product now, enter the Activation Key and click Activate. Save your product activation request id and activation key for future reference.

Need more help with MockupUI?

Cannot find what you are looking for? Please ask a question through our support form.