MockupUI Reference Manual

Design browser

The design browser is where you can browse and select the design that you want to work on. When you create a new design, by selecting New Design from the menu, a new thumbnail will be added to the browser.

MockupUI - Design browser

Navigating the design browser

The designs in a project are displayed as a horizontal list which can be navigated by dragging the bottom scroll bar from left to right.

Selecting a design

When you click on a design thumbnail from the list, MockupUI will make that design the current selection. The thumbnail will be highlighted and the design area and parameters panel will be updated.

MockupUI - Navigating the design browser

Design popup menu

The design browser actions can be accessed by right clicking on a design thumbnail. This will allow you to insert a widget or a design template to the selected page or to perform one of the following actions:

  • Cut Ctrl+X: Remove the design from the project and put it onto the clipboard.

  • Copy Ctrl+C: Put a copy of the design onto the clipboard. The copy will preserve all the parameter values of the original.

  • Paste (Ctrl+V): Pastes the design found on the clipboard after the currently selected one.

  • Duplicate Ctrl+D: Creates a copy of the design and inserts it after the currently selected one.

  • Clone Ctrl+L: Creates a clone of the current design and inserts it after the currently selected one.

  • Rename F2: Changes the title of the design.

  • Delete Del: Removes a design from the project.

Moving and reordering designs

Designs are stored in the order they have been created. Once you've added more designs to your project you can reorder them by dragging the header to left and right. This will affect the order of the pages when exporting to a PDF file or when printing from MockupUI

MockupUI - Moving and reordering