MockupUI Reference Manual

Visual styles

MockupUI allow you to customize the appearance of the designs in a project by selecting one of the available visual styles.

  • Native operating system styles (your current OS, Vista, XP or Classic)
  • Wireframe style for lo-fi prototyping

Selecting a style

Select the style you want from the Style drop down list. This will change the appearance of all the designs in the project.

MockupUI - Switching styles

Native style

The Native style uses your current operating system visual style. MockupUI will use colors, fonts and formatting from your current operating system theme. To change your operating system theme right-click on the desktop and select Personalize.

MockupUI - Wireframe style

Wireframe style

The wireframe style gives a lo-fi look to your designs by applying a black and white theme to the widgets.

MockupUI - Wireframe style

Dark style

A theme with a dark background and grey contours.

MockupUI - Dark style