MockupUI Reference Manual

UI widgets

This section lists the available desktop UI widgets ranging from basic buttons and labels to tables and trees.

Common widgets
  • Window: Window widget with control buttons and a menu bar.

  • Menu : Menu widget to use with menu bars or as pop-ups.

  • Toolbar: Toolbar widget with control buttons.

  • Group : Grouping frame with a title.

  • Tab: Stack of tabbed panes.

  • Button: Standard command button.

  • Checkbox: Check box with a text label.

  • Radio: Radio button with a text label.

  • Slider: Horizontal slider.

  • Label: Static text on single or multiple lines.

Table widget

Draws a UI table widget. Find out how to

  • Populate tables with data in a CSV format.

  • Add buttons, comboboxes, checkboxes, icons and hyperlinks to cells or entire columns.

  • Highlight or disable individual table cells.

Tree widget

Design simple trees or multi column tree tables.

  • Add content to trees and tree tables by simply indenting CSV lines.

  • Easily add buttons, comboboxes, checkboxes, icons and hyperlinks to items or columns.

  • Tick/untick cell checkboxes individually.

  • Highlight or disable individual tree items.