MockupUI Reference Manual

Table widget

Draws a UI table widget with columns and row header.

MockupUI - Table widget

  • Fill tables with data in a CSV-like format.

  • Add buttons, comboboxes, checkboxes, icons and hyperlinks to cells or entire columns.

  • Tick/untick column or cell checkboxes individually.

  • Highlight or disable columns or individual table cells.

Adding table data

A row is defined as a list of comma separated values, one value per item. The first row defines the header of the table. Use the Items parameter to set the cells of the table, one line of text per table row.

Items can be text, numbers, comboboxes, checkboxes, hyperlinks and buttons or a mix of them. You can set the type of a column or individual items by prefixing the header or an item with one of the following characters:

  • * Selected: Highlights the item by adding a different color background.

  • # Disabled: Renders the item or column as greyed.

  • & Hyperlink: Renders the item or the column as an underlined hyperlink.

  • ^ Combobox: Adds a combobox widget to the cell or column.

  • - Checkbox unticked: Adds an unticked checkbox and a label.

  • + Checkbox ticked: Adds a ticked checkbox and a label.

  • [text] Button: Adds a button with a text caption.

  • @ Icon: Adds an icon and a text. The syntax for adding an icon and a text is "@icon:Text". The list of available icons can be found in the Shapes tab of the tool box.


Example 1 - Column with checkboxes

Column 1,+Checkboxes
Item     1,Check 1
Item     2,-Check 2
Item     3,-Check 3

Example 2 - Column with hyperlinks

Column 1,&Hyperlinks
Item     2,Link 1
Item     3,Link 2
Item     4,#Disabled link
Item     5,+Checkbox link

Example 3 - Disabled items

Column 1,Column 2
Item     1,#Disabled item 1
Item     2,Disabled item 2
Item     3,#Disabled item 3

Example 4- Buttons

Column 1,Buttons
Item     1,[Button 1]
Item     2,[Button 2]
Item     3,Text item

Example 5 - Mixed item types

Column 1,Column 2
Text item ,[Button 1]
^Combobox ,#-Unchecked disabled
[Button],#[Button disabled]

Example 6 - Icons

Column1        ,&Column 2           ,  Column 3,  Column 4,&Column 5             ,[Column 6]
@smile:Sed ut,@right29:unde omnis,+iste natus,^voluptatem,tincidunt,Suspendisse
@smile:Omnis sit,@right29:suscipit,-doloremque,^doloremque,faucibus,Lobortis
*@frown:Totam rem,@right29:*aperiam,*+eaque ipsa,#[doloremque],convallis,Tempor
@smile:Omnis sit,@right29:voluptatem,-doloremque,#[doloremque],semper,#Convallis
@smile:Omnis sit,@right29:voluptatem,-doloremque,#[doloremque],eget,#Magna
@smile:Sed ut,Unde omnis,Iste natus,[voluptatem],#&tincidunt,Suspendisse