MockupUI Reference Manual

Exporting mockup designs

MockupUI allows you to export designs in a project in three different manners:

Exporting to clipboard

Click the File > Export to clipboard from the menu or the Export to clipboard tool button. This will create an image snapshot of the current design and will place it on the clipboard of your operating system.

MockupUI - Exporting to clipboard

You can then paste it to Word, PowerPoint or other documents that support image files.

Exporting to image files

Click the Export to Images to activate the export dialog box.

MockupUI - Export to images

Select an output directory, a file naming method, an output file format and click Ok.

Optionally you can resize the output images to new dimensions by setting the resizing method, the dimensions or the scale.

MockupUI - Export to images dialog

Output Directory

Directory: Selects the output directory where the images will be saved.

File Name: Selects the naming method of the output files:

  • Custom name: Allows you to specify a custom file name. MockupUI will append the index of the image for each output file (Image#1.png).

  • From project: Uses the names visible in the header of the design browser.

Format: Select the format of the output files:

  • Portable Network Graphics (.png)

  • JPEG (jpg)

  • Windows Bitmap (bmp)

  • Tagged Image File Format (tif)

  • Portable Pixmap (ppm)

Output Size

By selecting a Resize method MockupUI will automatically scale the image up or down in order to fit the specified dimensions.

  • Scale: Use the Scale parameter to specify a custom scale.

  • Fit: The image is automatically scaled to fit inside the rectangle of the specified size. All the output images will have the same size. Transparent or black bands may be visible on the sides. The aspect ratio is preserved.

  • Fit Exact: The image is automatically scaled to fit inside the rectangle of the specified size. Output images will not have the same size. No lateral bands are added. The aspect ratio is preserved.

  • Stretch: The image is automatically stretched to fit the specified dimensions. The aspect ratio is not preserved.

  • Fill: The image is automatically scaled and cropped to fill a rectangle of the specified size. The aspect ratio is preserved.


  • Overwrite Existing Files: if checked, MockupUI will overwrite the existing files. Otherwise a copy number is appended at the end of the file name (Design1, Design2, ...).

Exporting to document

MockupUI allows you to compile designs and notes into complete UI specification documents. You can export the designs to Word, PDF and HTML documents, one design per page.

MockupUI - Exporting to PDF

Select File > Export to Document or click the Export to Document tool button. A dialog box will open allowing you to select the document name, output directory, page orientation and page margins.

MockupUI - Export document dialog


Specifies the designs to export.

  • All: all designs in the project.

  • Current: exports only the currently selected design.

  • Range: specifies a range of designs to be exported.

Document Title

Specifies the name of the output file and the document's title. If a file with the same name exists it will be overwritten.

Output Directory

Selects the directory where the document will be saved. If a file with the same name exists it will be overwritten.

File Format

Selects the output document file format. + All: will generate three files, Word (.docx), PDF and HTML. + Word: will generate a Microsoft Word docx file. + PDF: will generate a file in portable document format. + HTML: will generate a HTML file.

Page Size

Specifies the page dimensions by choosing from a list of common formats or enter a custom size in millimeters.


Selects the page orientation (portrait or landscape).

Export annotations

Specifies if the annotations should be exported to the document. If not ticked, only images will be exported to the document.


Specifies the page margins in millimeters.