MockupUI Reference Manual

What is new in MockupUI 2?

New widgets

  • Shapes library: Basic graphic shapes, arrows and callouts

  • Icons library: Font Awesome (a set of 368 web icons), Material Design (909 icons from the Google web font), Windows 10 flat design icon set (629 icons)

  • Widgets icons: Button, table, tree, list, toolbox widgets can now contain icons

  • Toolbar: A new widget that can contain icons, comboboxes, checkboxes, hyperlinks and control buttons

Design area usability

  • Select, move, copy, paste or delete multiple objects at once

  • Zoom in, out or fit for easier editing

  • Snap to grid for easier widget alignment

Generate interactive presentations

  • Link any widget to a page

  • Generate clickable HTML demos

  • Show widget tooltips when hovering with the mouse