MockupUI Reference Manual


This section describes how to work with MockupUI projects.

  • Create a new project or open an existing one

  • Save designs to MockupUI .mui project files.

  • A project can contain an unlimited number of designs.

  • Create, preview, rename, duplicate and reorder designs.

  • Open multiple projects simultaneously and copy/paste widgets from one project to another

  • Auto-save project files for backup purposes.

Creating a new project

Select File > New Project or click the New Project tool button to create a new MockupUI project.

MockupUI - New project

The project creation dialog allows you to specify the project properties such as Project name and Location (output directory) as well as Title, Author, Description and Notes which are exported when generating specification documents. Refer to the Exporting documentation and Printing sections for more information.

MockupUI - New project

MockupUI offers the possibility to work with several open projects at the same time, each project having its own window. You can switch between projects from your operating system task bar.

Opening an existing project

Click the Open Project item from the File menu or select an existing one from the Recent Projects. This will load the project file in memory and display its content in the page browser.

Open project

Saving a project

Click the Save button from the toolbar or Save Project from the File menu. This will create or update your project file. The first time you save a project you will need to select an output folder and specify a file name.

Save project

Saving a project file allows you to work on a project over several sessions. All the designs and customized widgets are saved into a .mui project file.

Note that MockupUI does not save the image files within the project, it only saves references to these files. If you need to move or make a copy of your project, you will also need to copy the media files and place them in the same folder structure as the original.

The File > Save As menu item allows you to save your project under a different name.

Closing a project

A project can be closed by selecting File > Close Project, Ctrl+W or clicking the Close tool button. You will be asked to save it before closing if you have made changes from the last time you saved it. Closing a project will remove it from memory and will create a new empty project.

MockupUI - Close project