MockupUI Reference Manual

What is MockupUI?

MockupUI is a user interface mockup and wireframing software. It helps software designers and developers creating high fidelity mockups or wireframes and write complete design specification documents.

Create user interface mockups.

  • UI widgets ranging from basic buttons and labels to tables and trees.

  • Quickly fill tables and trees with text, checkboxes, icons, hyperlinks, buttons and comboboxes.

  • Insert images, graphic text and clipart files in your designs.

  • Instantly change the appearance of widgets from wireframe to native.

  • Create, share and re-use design templates.

Create design specifications.

  • Add rich text descriptions and notes to your designs.

  • Compile designs and annotations into ready-to-print Word, PDF and HTML documents.

  • Copy designs to clipboard and paste them into your specification documents (Word, PowerPoint or other formats that support images)

  • Export designs to image files in PNG, JPG, PPM, TIFF or BMP format.

  • Preview and print documents directly from MockupUI